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The making of a Grandfather Clock






  Older Projects



A foot stool, leather upholstered, cabriole leg made a 4x4 stick of cottonwood someone had thrown away.  Built in 1992.  A solid oak copy of this was built for daughter Janet in 2008.



Aeromatic cedar gun rack with lockable staorage.  Built in 2006.



This is a workbench built from plans in "Woodsmith" magazine issue #50.  Everything about this bench is ultra heavy duty from the vises to the dadoed interlocking of members and the heavy capacity casters.  Only modification is the legs where shortened to allow for wheels.  Made of solid Oak and Maple of wood I gathered from old pallets and crates people would throw away.  My buget back then consisted of my lunch money.  The 2 vises alone set me back $200.  On my budjet in 1992, that was half a weeks wages for me.  As you can tell from this image, I'm in the process of setting in a drawer system undeneath for tool storage.  In the 18 years I've now had this bench, it is without a doubt my most used and most important tool.    .... next to ones fingers of course. 


Which, by the way is why I have never, and will never own a Radial Arm saw.  Ranked #1 as the most dangerous woodworking tool.  My opinion about them, "find another tool or method to do the job"  Be it ever so humble, there are no fingers like your own.





Solid Cherry twin 4 post bed bed built for daughter Evelyn in 1998.


Solid oak, box joint Shoe shine box.  Built in 1998.


An authentic reproduction of an antique "shaving horse" Built in 2003.


A solid Walnut shoe rack.  Built in 1998.


A solid Mahogany dinning table and chairs.  11 ft long, 6" x 6" ball & claw legs, floral carvings on legs and table.  matching 10 chairs, custom upholstered.  Built in 1997.



Underside of dinning table showing drawer and sliding structure.



On the underside of this dinning table is a carved dedication to my wife O Sun for whom this project was made for.     Click on the image to inlarge.







A sitting bench used at the foot of a bed. 2' x 6' long.  Mahogany cabriole legs, full leather upholstered. Built in 2002 when I was stationed in S. Korea at the Osan Air Base.  One of the few bases left that have a weekend woodworking shop. 



This is a heavy, oversize Cedar chest with cabriole legs built for my wife in 1993. I purchased this wood at a garage sale for $3 thinking it was just old greyed over cedar 4x4's.  Months later I cut into it and quickly realized the pile of wood was Aeromatic cedar.  This chest is what I envisioned at that moment.  I built a number of cedar chest after this one.  I built one for my daughter Connie and I sold a few of them but quickly realized that most people want to pay wal-mart prices for hand made furniture.  I've never sold a piece since and I never will again.

Thanks for your interest in these woodworking projects.  Contact me if you have any questions.