Jean Claude Landry

Born 1593 in LaVentrouze Mortagne, Loudon, Vienne, Franc, Jean Claude Landry died 1671 in Perche, France. He was the son of Claude Landry and Jeanne Dugas. He married Marie Salle 1625 in Laventrouze, France.

Marie Salle, born 1596; died 1693 in Port Royal, Acadie. She was the daughter of Jean Denys Salle and Francoise Arnaud.


Notes for Jean Claude Landry:

The Acadian Landry family originated in La Ventrouze, near Montagne-au-Perche in the modern French department of L'Orne. Jean-Claude came to Acadia about 1640-41 with his second wife , Marie Salle and their son, Rene Landry did LeJeune (the younger) who was born in 1634 in France. They were accompanied by three of Jean-Claude's adult children from his first marriage to a woman whose name remains unknown. One of these three children, Perrine Landry, was accompanied by her husband, Jacques Joffriau.  The other two were fraternal twins, Rene Landry dit L'Aisne ( the elder) and Anthoinette Landry. The twins were 22 years old and unmarried at the time of their arrival.  The family also included Marie's three children from her marriage to the deceased Martin Aucoin. The family was likely attracted to Acadia by another daughter of Jean-Claude, Marguerite, who was married to Robert Martin and living in Acadia for several years prior to 1640. 

All of Jean-Claude's grandchildren were born in or around Port Royal. However, by the1670's that region that included the small town and the farming settlements along Riviere des Dauphins was getting crowded.  Available farmland was becoming scarce , and several Acadian families began looking to the east to cultivate. Pierre Melanson was already established on the banks of the Bassin des Mines (Minas Basin) about 60 miles east o f Port Royal. In the late summer of 1680, a group of Acadians, including two sons of Rene La ndry dit LeJeune, Anthoine and Claude, moved east to join Pierre Melanson on the Bassin de s Mines. The group included Pierre Therriot, who would later become the brother-in-law of Anthoine and Claude. The group first built a house for Pierre Therriot that served as shelter for the entire group through the first winter. Then they began clearing high ground through the autumn and winter in order to construct home sites for the others. In the spring, they returned to the Port Royal region to plant and prepare the crop. After the next harvest, the group returned to the Bassin to continue the preparatory work for the new settlement.  The work done by this small group of settlers was the foundation of the settlement of Grand Pre, which later became famous as a principal point of embarkation for Acadian settlers during the deportation in 1755. Anthoine and Claude Landry eventually settled at Bassin des Mine s with their families on the banks of the riviere-des-habitants. The other married brothers and sisters of Anthoine and Claude followed them to the area.

Martin Jr Aucoin

Born 26 Apr 1595 in St Pierre Leleu, France. Martin Aucoin was the son of Martin Aucoin and Suzanne Barboteau. He married Barbe Minguette in 1617.

Barbe Minguette, died 1631.


Notes for Martin Jr Aucoin:

Originating in the Small rock, Martin Aucoin, on April 26, 1595 is baptized, in St-Pierre Lal eu, wire of Martin Aucoin, is been born about 1570, metal worker, in the parish of Cougnes, a nd Suzanne Barboteau which s?©btaient married about 1592. Martin Aucoin, carpenter old d?envir on 22 years, marries with the Small rock, about 1617, Barbe Minguet or Minguette. Three or fo ur children, are born from this union, of which Michelle Aucoin, about 1618, which becomes l? ©bpouse of l?anc©®tre Michel Boudrot, bond which continues jusqu?© my father Roger Rochon. Afte r the death of Minguet Barb, about 1631, Martin Aucoin marries in second weddings, January 20 , 1632, with St-Barthelemy of the Small rock, Marie Salle, born towards 1600, girl of Jean De nys Salle and Francoise Arnaud. Possibly, Martin Aucoin leaves about 1640, for Acadie, accomp anied by Marie Salle and the children of his two marriages. Unfortunately, we do not n?avon s a trace of its presence in Acadie. Perhaps it was already deceased, before the departure o f its widow about 1640. The census of l?Acadie, in 1671, indicates that widowed Marie Sale o f Jehan Claude, is 71 years old. This Jehan Claude made l?objet of several polemic and interp retations on behalf of several genealogists. Jehan Claude, Claude could be his surname or i t either Indian, or that it is really l?anc©®tre called Jean-Claude Landry, was born in 1595 , in Ventrouze, of Mortagne, with the Pole. Marie Salle dies between 1683 and 1693, with Port -Royal, in Acadie. In the various found acts, one notes C-Ws communication different from th e name Aucoin such as Aucouin, Aucoing, Ancoing, Auconnois and Oguin.