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Highboy Project


The making of a Grandfather Clock





Dressor Project


These drawer faces below are not lap glued, but are one solid piece of cherry milled to shape.


Still have a long way to got on the Newport Shells. The changing in grain direction while carving is what makes this item one of the most challenging for furniture makers.

The dovetails in the drawers would probably function just fine for many years without any glue in the joints. But hide glue will keep them solid. Drawers and doors are all fitting for now. final plane fitting to be performed still. Top boards yet to be made



The convex newport shells are coming along. Mary May, a renown carver and sculpter has some great videos out that will help greatly with this.


Drawer bottoms and carcass shelves are of airomatic cedar just as in vintage pieces.




My half blind dovetails are progressing. The Leigh D24 dove tail jig, which I have, cannot make the old-time skinny pins as shown. If you want this look, you must learn to do them by hand. and besides, if you use a router to cut your dovetails, you didn't actually cut them. Roger Landry 2014.square and compasses